Ferocious, Lukewarm, Pettiness: The Troubled Tale Of Taylor Dowdy

Note: The show runner (white male comic) who was given the ultimatum described above by “Sailor Rowdy” explained to me that, at least when it comes to himself and Mr. “Rowdy,” it IS (in FACT) of the upmost importance that I update everyone with this bit of news breaking info:

AFTER Sailor boy sent his original Facebook message (because like, how scary would it be to threaten a show runner who booked you in PERSON?!), and AFTER Show Runner Comedy Pro replied with “she’s gonna be there if she wants to be there,” Sailor Rowdy almost immediately replied back that, alas, he WOULD (probably) be able to manage to grace the show with his presence, EVEN if Kate Loice is there.

He WILL survive, ladies and gentlemen! And he WON’T let his fear of a strong, intelligent, and kind woman that doesn’t follow or believe in the non-existent “Rules Of Comedy for ALL” commandments (that most everyone else believes they need to bow down to and comply with in order to “make it” or at least get he cool kids to one day accept them) get in the way of his 5-10 min.

And now you know!

“Supportive” Comment from (former?) fellow Austin Comic who went by “Kat Ramzinski” in 2014 – click here for more examples of the verbal abuse and threats she directed at me through Facebook Messenger!



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