Cute Male Comic Threats: Man’splaining : Eric Nimmer…ERIC Nimmer…ERIC NIMMER!!!!

Eric Nimmer! Eric Nimmer!! Eric Nimmer!!!

Your threats are cute, and you surprisingly bring up an excellent point!

It is definitely VERY concerning when an entire community doesn’t like someone (why is it THIS time?), I’ve always wondered why the community acts in such a way. Especially when they are so chill with a guy who’s never done a set, yet is constantly popping up at shows, mics, or Mugshots, a rumored coke dealer, and more than one comic has expressed suspicions or have flat out said they have witnessed his aggression, abuse, and erratic, violent outbursts toward a female ex partner.

But everyone is cool with him, little ol’ Kate Loice is the REAL problem!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Let me know if you have any more man’splainin’ to get off your chest! I’m always here to listen to a fellow comic’s issues 😘


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