Land Ho! : Tayl-ARRR Did It! : “Seaman”

Listen. I know.

Pirates and Sailors are not the same thing. But like…oceans, boats, cool hats – pretty much the same thing, right?

Anyway, the point is, HE DID IT, GUYS!

Taylor Dowdy was able to do his set at ALL IN Comedy Showcase (Sidewinder – Phil Parker), with me sitting happily at the bar, after all!

img_1588And it’s a good thing he found it within himself to follow through with his showcase set, too, because, y’all…he was fantastic!

Even with a small audience, his natural energy and (surprising) confidence on stage shined, even when the occasional joke didn’t land. And when a joke didn’t land, he had a perfect (in my opinion) balance of self deprecation and “fuck you guys, I chew on lightbulbs” old man sass that I found myself laughing (with him, not at him) when I wasn’t even really sure where he was trying to go for recovery on several occasions.

I’ve only really been able to see Taylor perform at open mics or when he hosts his Hotel Vegas/Volstead/Fierce Mild Open Mic, but I’m not sure I’ve ever see him to more than 5 min in a showcase setting, and, guys, I was impressed.

I hope more people continue to book him for longer sets and continue to give him a chance to showcase his seemingly effortless ability to embody and embrace someone who looked and sounded more like a “pro” to me than a mostly open mic-er.

Taylor my boy, I’m genuinely happy that you got over whatever it was that originally caused you to threaten missing out on this opportunity, because you seriously rocked it last night. Props, dude.



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