KICK BUTT COFFEE | DEREK kopswa | Master Sign-Up List Re-Ordererererer

Props to Derek Kopswa for handling the re-ordering of an open mic list like a true, seasoned pro and saving the best for last!

I mean, it’s only my third week in a row at KB and Big D has been at several of the same mics I’ve been at over the last month, so at first I was confused as to why I’ve been placed lower than where I was the previous week (25ish, 28, 39) each time, since he must know I’m not a brand newbie comic.

But then! I figured it out!


He obviously put in a guy he didn’t even realize was a comic until he was on stage because he knows only the best (Kate Loice) could close out the show!

This man obviously DOES comedy (unlike me, someone who hasn’t been approved of enough to be deemed as someone that DOES comedy – per Patrick Sirois), and I can only I hope I too can actually DO comedy like him one day so I can show the newbies of the Austin Comedy Scene how a comedy pro orders a list.



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