INSECURE MALE (COMIC) SYNDROME | Saturday Night Fe…ar Of Women @ The Gatsby!

Here’s one of my personal opinions/pointers for hosts of open mics or showcases in Austin (or anywhere), and an absolute hard rule I have for myself as a comic and kind human being :

DO NOT shit on other comics in your community.

ESPECIALLY if you’re a WMC (White Male Comic) shitting on a female comic.

And Don’t. Fucking. Ever. EVER. say ANY female Comic is only booked because she’s “fucking hot.”

I can normally be cool with just shaking my head and/or mumbling a “for fucks sake” under my breath during most of the ignorant squealing there’s available to experience in most comedy or entertainment scenes, but, my dude. You started tearing someone apart, onstage, at a mic you host, as part of your intro for the next comic, simply because she was brought up as someone you once shared a showcase with.

“Man, I hate that bitch. She’s not funny, man!

Like, she only gets booked because she’s fucking hot, dude.


I promise you she wouldn’t be anywhere if she wasn’t fucking hot, man. That’s the only reason they book her.”

I had the pleasure of finally seeing the particular female comic – that was unnecessarily and disturbingly bashed by the host tonight at The Gatsby (Saturday Night Fever – Chad Fisher) – perform last night at the Velv, and not only did I think she was bright, talented, and funny, but not once did I think about her looks or if/how they had AAANYTHING to do with her booking.

I’m vehemently against censoring anyone in any social climate or profession, so say whatever the fuck you want, but don’t ever talk about a woman like that in front of me and think I’m not going to let you know what a foolish and unfortunate mistake you have made.

This woman, without a doubt, is absolutely booked for her comedic prowess that far exceeds the self deprecating, hateful, and cowardly “material” you resort to when you’re afraid that you’ve lost your audience.

Just because we’re at The Gatsby doesn’t mean we’ve time warped back to the actual 1920’s when it was socially acceptable to view, treat, and publicly trash a woman (in your field). Believe it or not, even in our particularly ignorant and misogynistic comedy climate, it’s not acceptable in any climate, any social circle, any profession.

Again – all of the above is solely my opinions and my personal rules, for myself, in my comedy and real worlds. Do whatever you want, by all means!

Just remember, that when I’m around, that bullshit ain’t gonna fly.

Boy, bye!


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