Supportive (improv/standup/variety) Austin Comedy Venues | THE NEW MOVEMENT

Well darn!

I was about to re-post @RobGagnons tweet advertising the STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER show this Friday @ 10:30 (TNM) on Twitter, but I thought it would be better if I shared it from @TNM_Austin ‘s Twitter so I could help promote the venue and possibly get people new to TNM to see what other awesome comedy shows they have going on.

Shame on me!

I rarely know why someone blocks me, and this case is no different. I mean, I’ve always supported their shows, even while I wasn’t “in the scene” from 2015-most of 2017, and I also purchased a full “semester” of Improv classes 3 years ago.

I don’t believe I’ve ever uttered “bad” or questionable words towards them personally or publicly (though I haven’t done much research on this so I could very well be incorrect on this), and I’m pretty sure I’ve always been a gracious and respectable guest (that I am much more sure of).

Anyway, none of this should keep anyone from checking out STONED vs DRUNK vs SOBER or any other New Movement shows or (in my opinion) the best improv classes in town (or in New Orleans)! If anything I hope this post brings more positive attention to the venue and the show, but if i also get an answer or friendly conversation out of it as well, groovy! ✌🏼


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