CHAD fisher vs KATE loice | MALE COMIC POWER TRIPS | female comics who always have something to say

I’ll take the time to make a proper post with more details and as much of Chad’s POV as I have been able to understand (to be fair), but since I’m in the middle of trying to enjoy my favorite weekly showcase to go to (8 Count – Real Talk Standup Comedy, formally Saturday Night Fever), I’ll just introduce the current highlights:

I posted this on my personal Facebook page this past Tuesday to sarcastically address my sincere concerns with hosts using the bulk of their showcases to book themselves and the same group of friends. I love the guys (and Arielle), and I love hearing and watching them perform every time, but The Gatsby is a great venue.

There’s a reason I enjoy it here and why I choose to promote the show both on social media and to newer comics looking for a “home” or for more non-open-mic opportunities.

And it’s because of those very sincere and “positive” feels that I’m concerned that both Tuesday and Saturday shows are consistently booked with the same people – all of whom had a hand in starting the show.

Yeah, it’s your show, you get to run your show however you want and I will never fight you on that. However, I don’t think it causes any harm to point out something I feel should at least be addressed and considered. Especially something that I believe could be something that benefits everyone and makes Gatsby and it’s comedy shows even better!

Some may ask, “but why post it publicly instead of approaching them privately like “MOST PEOPLE DO?”

Great question!

I explained this to my pal Phil Parker a few weeks ago – sure, that’s an option, but I have a feeling either way I approach his, specifically with one of the big dog hosts, I’d get the same reaction, and I’d prefer to address this in a way where they have time to marinate on my thoughts a little bit or take a couple of deep breaths before they start yelling at me and cause a scene in front of a group of comics at their own show.

Anyway, no one seemed to have any issues with that post, and the one person who voiced feeling a little ehhh about it was open to a conversation and I personally believe it went really well. Very positive.

Aaaaand then…today I posted a very positive observation while promoting the show, and I seemed to have poked a very angry bear (who I sometimes interpret his jokes as extremely hateful towards women).

I showed up to Gatsby and went to the patio where I proceeded to say hey and hug the comics gathered around a table. When I got to Chad I asked if he was still cool with hugging, and explained that even though I still love him, I sense he’s not so peace and love towards me.

I have audio I will upload later, but here are the highlights of what was said next:

– Everything I posted was “negative”, and he “doesn’t give a fuck” to listen to how it was actually intended

– Chad believes I “just say shit” and that I don’t “need” to post any of my opinions (I mean shit, sorry).

– Since I don’t “need” to say it, I shouldn’t, and I must stop. *Let me note here that I only posted on the actual show/Gatsby page once, but I meant to put it on my page. I’m cool keeping my opinion

– If I don’t stop, he will not only ban me from the FB page, he will speak with Gatsby owner (whom I interact with and say hello to every show) and the door guy (who I talk to much more than owner), and have me literally and physically banned from The Gatsby.

– Be actually tried to throw me out (not physically) while we were talking, which is what prompted the above threat.

Like I said, there’s more, and there’s audio, but you’ll have to lemme finish some other time. This woman on the mic right now might be my Austin Comedy spirit animal (ROXXY haze) and I’m tired of having this phone in my face during comedy time 🙄

Male/Male Comic Power Trips are fun!!!!!!!!


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