SCOTT COOK | CHAD fisher | THE GATSBY| Verbal Abuse + Discrimination + Abuse Of “Power” = PATRIARCHY

By: Katie Locie – Female Austin Comic who “does comedy” and “always has shit to say.”

While terribly concerning, I can’t help but be tickled when a grown Man loses his temper and begins yelling at a Woman who has been nothing but calm and collected, while the Man insists that SHE is the problem.

How does that work?

That Q is specifically for, Chad Fisher and Scott Cook – owner of The Gatsby on 6th.

How is it that the both of you approach calm and quiet me on two separate occasions, verbally assault me, accuse me of things I have not done (while yelling too much and too loud to hear my attempts to interject and correct you), repeat several times that “you don’t give a fuck” about what was actually meant or said while you verbally assault me some more, and then over flex your “power muscles” to ban female patrons/comedians you have a such a personal problem with, you can’t control your temper or keep your emotions in check while they are around?

How is this my problem? How am I THE problem? How is your issues with women an excuse for your behavior, or a legally sound reason to have a female banned from the bar?

All I did on Saturday was walk onto the patio, say hey to a few comic buds, and give Chad a hug. What happened after that (just a lot of drunken yelling and “fucks”) was entirely in Chad’s hands. He lost his temper, I stayed calm the entire time. I only started recording when he started getting extremely aggressive and hinting towards getting Gatsby management to break civil rights laws (This recording will be important to have when moving forward with civil court lawsuit).

I go to almost every show, respectfully watch the shows, promote the show, promote the bar’s other events, tip for water (I also buy Red Bull’s but Scott tried to claim I loiter which gave him more reason to ban me?), chat with the friendly door guy and thank him for his warm welcomes, help guide audience members to the free pizza, and I’ve never had anything close to an altercation before Chad went on the attack and Scott began screaming at me last night (while I was calm, quiet, non-threat). Nice, huh?

So, to summarize: Woman gets verbally attacked by bigger, drinker, angry comic. Woman defuses situation and keeps it defused the rest of the night. Woman gets banned because bigger, drunker, angrier male Comic doesn’t like her cause she “always got somethin’ to say.” Owner of bar then verbally attacks same woman while yelling that he doesn’t give a fuck about what actually happened, and that she is banned because she’s “fucking weird.”

Can’t wait to see what civil court has to say about all of this! While I get all of those documents ready and filed, I’d LOVE to hear anyone else’s thoughts or witness accounts on anything that I have mentioned in this post.

And sadly, I have a feeling some of you may have rolled your eyes at the term “verbally assaulted,” but keep in mind – I was verbally abused for three years by a man who was a comic, drank a little too much, and who had a very bad temper. Everything I experienced with Chad on Saturday night brought me back to arguments with my abuser. The anger, the yelling, the “fuck you’s/fuck that’s/go fuck yourselves/shut up bitches/I don’t give a shits,” the towering over me as he yells, the sudden attack after I offered an olive branch, the inability to stop and listen or stop and chill, and the eventual abuse of power…all eerily similar to experiences with a dangerous man.

But no, yeah, okay. I’M the problem….🙄


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