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By: Katie Locie – Female Austin Comic who “does comedy” and “always has shit to say.”

I had a great night “doing comedy” tonight!

First I opened for Joe Tullar at Finite Jest (Rachel Hall and Adam Serwa’s weekly open mic at Cenote – Cesar Chavez – sign up 7|show 7.30) where my first attempt/run through at a joke about Patriarchy caused the female host to post that I (BTW I believe she meant KATE Loice, not “Katie Locie,” since that is not my name…) “just decided to shit all over” her open mic in a super secret female austin comic Facebook group that I’ve never been worthy or uh…female? enough to be a part of (I may even be blocked from it 🤷🏻‍♀️).

Super cool, huh?! Gee wiz I love how supportive my fellow (female) austin comics are!

***note: the “host -> bitch” bullet point is in reference to the host of Mister Tramps’ Sunday open mic calling me a bitch as a punchline to his joke about the term “bitch” being offensive to some women – this was not a reference to Rachel or Adam


No worries though, I’ll work on polishing the Patriarchy joke at the plethora of open mics available to me in this amazing, supportive, and woman-supporting Comedy scene that is AUSTIN COMEDY, since, ya know, that’s what open mics are for and all 🙋🏻🎤

Anyway – Austin Comic Joe Tullar had an incredible first show of his headlining weekend The Velveeta Room ! Be sure to check him and his hilarious friends out tomorrow night at either the 9PM or 11PM shows! $10!

Yay positively supporting local comedy, venues, and comedians! 💃🏻🎤😂

***another note if anyone cares blah blah: I showed up to the mic 20 min early and offered to help Rachel set up for the mic twice. I also ended my set by thanking the hosts for braving the elements to make sure the only mic on Fridays went on for the sake of all of our egos.

I’ve only been kind to her, I promote/love/respect Finite Jest, and I believe the first thing I told her when I first went to introduce myself a couple months ago was a compliment on her “FEMINIST” tee shirt. Oooooof. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


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