|❤️| Divine Secrets Of The Ha-Ha Sisterhood: Women In Comedy |❤️|LEA’H SAMPSON – The Coven – AUSTIN TEXAS COMEDY

By: Katie Locie – Female Austin Comic who “does comedy” and “always has shit to say.”

Lea’h Sampson – co host of a women’s only mic, and a 23 year old who talks a big “females supporting female” game, but she’s really just like much of the rest of them – they think you’re AWESOME and your sister until they realize they’re befriending someone the rest of their sisters don’t approve of and bully online (real sisterly stuff).

The first two texts were sent from her on Tuesday after she found out about why I’m able to be back out at comedy. The second two texts are from last night, after she found out Rachel Hall disapproves of me so much that she felt the need to shit on me and my “comedy” on a super secret female comedy FB group, as the female co- host of the only mic available on Friday nights. Welcome to Austin Comedy, everybody!!! And she couldn’t even spell my first OR last name right! ❤️💃🏻👯

I asked if she’d invite me to the NONSTRAIGHT NONMEN IN AUSTIN STAND UP group but she just ignored my requests cause, well, that’s how women in the Austin Comedy Scene typically treat each other – or at least how they have consistently treated me. Anyone else willing to add me and stop basing kindness on your surface judgements?

I was kinda happy to see that Austin Comedy Mean Girls Kath Barbadoro, Kat Ramzinski (you can find the abusive messages she used to send me on AUSTINCOMEDY.ORG) and Katie Pengra were all basically out of the comedy scene when I came back twoish months ago, but it seems a new wave of hateful and judgmental women have taken their places! Sigh.

When will women stop hating and hurting other (and OUTCASTING) women, particularly in a heavily male dominated scene and profession like (Austin) Stand Up Comedy?

“When you, as a woman, advocate against feminism you are allowing men to do the same, and that is very dangerous.”



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