KELLY stone | If The Shoe Fits… | KELLYSTONE.ORG

From KELLY stone’s If The Shoe Fits…

“Yesterday, I met Dr. Joycelyn Elders, the former US Surgeon General who was forced to resign because she acknowledged that masturbation is a part of healthy sexuality. I also met Lizz Winstead, former head writer for the Daily Show and founder of the Lady Parts Justice League. And I met the infamous, Dr. Ruth, a survivor of the holocaust and champion of the female orgasm. I learned from other women about violence in Turkey and Mexico and India and the Middle East, and every single one of them are The Person of the Year. All of these women spoke about education and equality and human rights and reducing violence. They break the silence. Together, we amplify.

Cinderella was able to leave her abusers because HER shoe fit.

Well, this Me Too shoe fits.

HER shoes are MY shoes.

From Texas to Philly to the Atlantic Ocean and everywhere my footpaths lead…I’m going to keep learning. And fighting. And writing. And laughing. And teaching.

Because I’m on that train with you, gurl. #MeToo

Me. Fucking. Too. “


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