White Male Comics | This BTW Brought To You By MIKEY SWENSON!

MIKEY SWENSON (MS) : “Hey! BTW you’re banned from Thursdays.”

KATE LOICE (ME) : “Huh?”

MS : “I replied on the FB…….but yeah you’re banned from Thursdays.”

ME : “OHHHHH you mean the mic. Well…DUH. Obviously! That was kinda the…”

MS : “YOU CAN’T THREATEN THE OWNER WITH LEGAL [something something] AND ….

ME : “LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL and he can’t ban a female patron both he and the host of the Saturday comedy show (8 Bit?) verbally accosted and ultimately banned for being “fucking strange” and not expect legal action! But hey thanks for the heads up! I had Nooooooooooooo idea if I was banned from Gatsby but for some reason allowed at the open mic…. 💩💩💩💩


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