Another Fun Blast From Austin Comedy Past! | 2014 | Misogynistic Pussies : Adam Hrabik PT II

From September 2014:

I posted this on Facebook earlier this morning to share some of the awesome messages I get from some very dedicated trolls.

Guess which SUPER supportive Austin Comic liked it right away only to un-like quickly, probably realizing how SUPER supportive and kind it made him come off?

Little Hrabik can’t handle chatting with me on Twitter, but he sure can follow me and like my stuff on Facebook!

It’s GOT to be hard to be living in as much fear as that little man does, but, oh well. Maybe one day he will grow up into a real boy!

Or rhino.

Fingers crossed.

Remember to check out (Kate Loice Apologies) to see how they humorously spin this entry into an apology!


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