Austin Comedy Blast From The Past / Kinda Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Hafkey | 2013 | Paper Plate Face


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  1. webers

    Hello – I am an acquaintance of yours, and have been one for many years. I have seen everything unfold in your life with a yard at hand. You have been through some very terrible things, and you’re still dealing with a very hurtful existence. I do not contact you directly because I do not want to get into a back and forth of justifications. I see your friends give words of advice, sometimes from experience and sometimes just from the heart, and you reply very aggressively towards them. Perhaps a word from a semi-stranger, in which there can be no echo, will give you something to think about.

    From time to time I have checked in on you, and wondered how you were doing. From when you first started to date your abuser to when you had your first and then second child. I have noticed that your post have been forming a trend over the past couple of years, and I was wondering if it was just a few or was it most. So, I went back and looked at your profile, your post, and found your website and your blog. I read many entries going back a few years. The things I know of your life are what you put out there for people to know, nothing else.

    I say this with the greatest of intentions, because I can see that you’re sad, hurt, and more importantly very angry. It seems that you have taken the role of victim warrior on, and you see that it’s necessary to bring people’s shitty deeds to light. The worst of it, it seems that no one either hears you or wants to listen to you because what you are saying is abrasive to their povs. I see that you a get a sense of righteousness in shattering the patriarch, other people’s ego, and calling people out on their shit. Your ego should not be built on the backs of others.

    The thing is that a lot of what you’re offended by/angry about either it be other comedians/CPS/admins at various FB support groups all have one thing in common and that’s you. It’s not that everyone seems to have a problem with you, it’s more that you have a problem with everyone else. I am not here to assume why that is, but almost every single one of your post across all platforms are aggressive, and negative. You copy and paste things out of context (referring to your screens shots) omitting your role. It’s really not fair to the people that you’re calling out and accusing of very serious things.

    Maybe its time to step back from everything that is happening in your life – which I know seems drastically impossible – and take stock in how and why you are there. It’s not that just because people/government agencies take advantage of you, but you have an active role in it. That perhaps everyone that seems to be out against you does not understand the underlying aggression you have. They do not see the problems because to them there are none. If you are wanting to shed light on the things that upset you, that the best and most effective way is through an olive branch, compassion, and consideration. Which all might seem impossible when you feel that you are the one who’s being wronged. Everyone truly and honestly cannot be against you – it’s damn near impossible for that coordination to occur.

    I write these things because I want you to feel the warm light that life has to offer. Many years ago I also existed in a world where I felt things were set up for me to either be blocked by or to fail at. It was not until I took stock in my own negativity and approach that I was able to escape from very dark shadows. The thing is that this type of thinking isn’t just for the sake of yourself, but for the sake of you getting access to your children. Aggressiveness, even if warranted, is not looked positive upon for parenting techniques. As someone who grew up in that type of household, CPS was a regular visitor. My mother tried to be the best mother she could be, but the aggressiveness that she showed towards other people made them question her parenting, and how that aggressiveness leaked into her yelling, hitting, and eventually abusing us. Abuse, as you very well know, isn’t just physical, and emotional abuse can occur without the abuser being cognizant of their actions. My mother did not until the damage was done.

    The truth of the matter is that if you do not change your outlook you will soon lose access to the community you love, the community of support you need, and to seeing your children grow. What does it matter to win a semantics battle with CPS when the goal is to see your children? Swallow your pride or your pride will swallow you.

    I want to reiterate that I do not think negatively of you. I can just tell that you’re really hurting, and you’re fighting fight(s) that have no real winners. Perhaps one day you will see that.

    Hoping that this reaches you with love and care.

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