Kate Loice | Just Sayin’…

So I have this Facebook post I made about a confusing booking process I’ve encountered.

A fellow (male) local comic friend of mine had some thoughts to share on the post:

Anonymous Male Comic Friend:

“I wanted to say that posting about wanting to get booked and get more time won’t help anyone get any where. I learned that the hard way three years ago. Really doesn’t do anyone justice. I’ve found that the best way to get anywhere is to get on stage and have fun. Comedy’s been great for me ever since I returned because of that method.”


That’s not what I posted.

I DO get on stage and have fun. I actually have a lot of fucking fun.

But it’s important to me to show how doing what everyone else does doesn’t work for everyone, and to point out the prejudices.

I’ve been going up 5-6 times a week and going to watch showcases, velv shows and the Cap city mic for a solid two months, and for a month before that I was watching showscases or mics and maybe performing 2-3/week while I slowly dipped my toes back in.

But even friends won’t book me, or I have this vetting process I have to go through that most others don’t. I smile and comply and play along, and I still don’t get booked. They don’t even listen to the content I was told I had to send them.

I “work” just as hard as everyone else, but I’m getting banned from venues for no reason and I’m not getting booked.

Staying quiet isn’t working, posting about it likely won’t help, but pretending like it’s not happening isn’t my thang.

Note: I’ve only asked one person to be booked (outside of asking Coy Hopper when I got my two spots at Gatsby, before the ban), and I’ve teased/warned another about asking him for a spot in the near future. I don’t assume that all bookers will treat me the way Phil Parker has chosen to, though this is the general attitude towards me in the Austin Comedy Community, and I’m not the most confident that others will treat me any differently. But! I won’t knock ’em before I ask. 🤞🏼


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