|❤️| Divine Secrets Of The Ha-Ha Sisterhood : Women In Comedy |❤️| Lea’h Sampson, Jenne Rose, and Mean Girl Behaviors In Standup : NO GIRLS CLUB FOR YOU!

Ohhhhh boy! It’s a screen shot post!

So to catch up:

Austin Comic Lea’h Sampson co-hosts a “FEMALE ONLY” mic/showcase in Austin, TX that I believe has only had about six “monthly” shows within the last year.

I commented on how I was unsure of the “FEMALE ONLY” rule, and this was her pleasant reply (she deleted my comment, but I believe I was polite in my inquiry) :

To which I replied with…

With a “Please share, like, okay?! 💋💋💋” on the end.

And, as usual, someone came to rescue…Lea’h?

Okay, that’s not so bad. So reply with:

Toooo which SHE replied!…

Yikes! There’s that controlling nature usually just the male comics have…


That’s all I have to say about that…for now.

Time for a Facebook Live Feed 🙂


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