Blast From The Austin Comedy Past | 2014 | Austin Comedy II – Blame Game

I originally wrote this in 2014 or 2015, but unsurprisingly, it suits the current Austin Comedy scene just as well as it did then.

I’m glad I was with a narcissist for as long as I was, because I can see these manipulation and gaslighting tactics a mile away, and they don’t fuck with me like they used to.

I’m going to keep doing what I do, are y’all ever going to stop blaming me for everything and get the balls to talk to me? Or is just easier to never get to know me while twisting the narrative into something it isn’t?

All I do is document and present hateful, misogynistic, dangerous, and all around negative behaviors and actions coming from the Austin Comedy scene and the comics within it. I don’t cry victim (unless I’m talking about the criminal justice/family court side of things), yet I find it amusing how many of you seem to read these posts and I end up looking like a victim to you, when I never wrote “IM A VICTIM HERE!!”

Perhaps you’re seeing things as they actually are? Perhaps you’re seeing exactly what I attempt to point out with my screen shots and Austin Comedy history lessons.

Someone getting mistreated, ignored, and shit on by people that don’t even know her or have taken even two seconds to introduce themselves to. Rape and sexual assault is continuously ignored. Bookers banning female comics just because they don’t like them. Female comics stomping on fellow female comics, and even physically assaulting them. Misogyny and a patriarchal system burning like wildfire and the women just playing right into it because they believe it’s the only way to “get to the top.”

Y’all let me know when you’re ready to talk reality. Or just want to say hello and talk shop.

I’m always here and open to anyone, and I can always be an ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, voice to encourage, friend to call on, or a sober ride home. But let’s just get real already, okay boys? 🙄 (KLB 2/13/18)

This particularly This is a very interesting piece that ironically, Maggie Maye posted on her Facebook page yesterday.

It was interesting to me that some comics cause the hatred and alienation from the community. No where in the blog did I blame anyone (other than myself) for anything, yet several people felt the need to not only tell me how it was my fault for their crap or I had a couple (literally, only 2) get all over the way I worded my experience with A GROUP of female comics from the Austin Comedy Community. It was a little sad to me that instead of either just being happy that a fellow comic found a renewed love and energy for Comedy or even being a little embarrassed about how some people in their community have behaved, they felt the need to attack (/question, correct, G-Nazi all over) my writing or come up with reasons why I deserved the harassment.

It’s the same stuff I’ve gotten for two years. It’s like there’s this wall with some of them, and they just cannot climb high enough on it to even see the other side, to even see that what they tell themselves in their head is NOT what actually happened or NOT the entire story. It no longer hurts me when these people are too weak or insecure to see the bigger picture and to have less hate and fear in their hearts, but it’s still kinda surprises me every time I see someone I find prett intelligent or wise say such ridiculous things like:

“Perhaps no behavior which disordered characters are prone to displaying is more common than their tendency to blame others when they do something wrong. Confront them on something they did that was insensitive, inappropriate, hurtful, or even harmful, and you’ll find them playing the blame game — pinning the fault on someone or something else. You’ll often hear them claim that some person or circumstance made them do what they did instead of acknowledging that they had a choice about how to respond to the situation and failed to choose wisely. “


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