White Male Comics 👱🏻‍♂️ |What’s Eating Taylor Dowdy?

I am not a threat. I don’t take up a spot on the list. I haven’t had anyone create a confrontation with me. I avoid those who I know want to avoid me.

I’ve flown over several olive branches, but Taylor has made it very clear that he has no interest in speaking to me or working out whatever differences he has with me. I’m not even really sure what caused him to start ignoring me in the first place. He just told Phil that he wouldn’t perform on Phil’s show if I was there a couple months ago, and that was that. Two nights before that Taylor and I had chatted and laughed while at a comedy show at Hi Hat.

I personally like Taylor a lot, sans his treatment of me, and I have blogged about how impressive I find his stage presence as well as his open mic at The Volstead.

When I go to Volstead for the 30-40 min before I head to West 6th, I sit and watch the show. I don’t bother anyone. Last week I got to hang out with Denise and I was an active audience member. I’ve never cause any waves, I just sit in a corner or on the bench and watch my fellow comics while possibly jotting down a new joke or two.

What do people gain from taking something away from someone when they aren’t causing any problems? Is it really a power trip thing? Does it really bring people happiness to take something away from someone that they know brings that person happiness/peace/creative space? And most of all, a safe place?

Is it hate?

Is it fear?

I asked a comic (who hangs out with the group of guys that make it very apparent that they aren’t Kate Loice fans) that I knew would be honest and fair with me, and he said he believed the ban was a bit much. He wouldn’t have banned me, but he recognized the difficult position Taylor would be in if people were complaining.

Ok, that’s fair…but,

What are you complaining about?

“We don’t like her because she’s rude online and we don’t think she’s funny so ban her!!!” ?

I’m just doing what everyone else is doing. I try to get at least 3-4 min every night, I find comfort and enjoyment at comedy shows, I like supporting the comics and shows I love, I keep to myself, I’m kind to everyone I may interact with, I tip the bar staff and am friendly with them, I shake the hosts hand, I laugh along when host’s laugh about how my jokes aren’t Jokes and that my sets are really just a signal for a bathroom break, I stay calm when someone starts verbally harassing me, I offer to clean up the mess that same person made because she couldn’t control her emotions, I’m chill AF.

So what’s the problem?

Everyone knew about Justin. People knew how I got pregnant. People knew when he strangled me. But yet, he was never ever banned from anything.

But I’M being banned from shows?

How twisted is that? How sad is that?

It hurts me, sure, but it also concerns me that people this age behave this way. Taking away opportunities from someone because you simply don’t like them while no one said a peep about a violent rapist? Yikes! And, what?!


Thank you to The Volstead for their kindness and patience.


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