White Male Comic Fragility | Taylor Dowdy’s Car and Social Troubles ☹️ |

First we’re friends.

Then he threatens Phil back in November, I start blogging about him, he blocks me on FB.

Then he adds me back about three weeks ago, and I get hopeful that he’s been able to push whatever hatred he has for me that causes him to ignore me like a 5 year old whenever I interact with him in public (to compliment one of his sweet jackets or ask him about something to do with a mic – no confrontational stuff), that I’m still not sure where that distain is rooted in, BUT! No.

Alas, he had added me back so he could personally threaten to call the police on me if I ever tried to enjoy his open mic at Volstead – even though Volstead management says I’m still welcome – because…I don’t know? Some comics cried about not liking me again and comics like Taylor feel real powerful when they can ban women from their open mics (s/o to my men Chad Fisher, Michael Swenson, Coy Hopper, and gender fluid Arielle Norman who “run” the Gatsby circus 👋🏻)

Who knows 🙄

Anyway, he didn’t block me right away like I thought he would, and I even commented on a post last week that he not only replied to, but he still didn’t re-block me like I thought he would once he noticed his FB had me listed as a human being that exists in his world. I thought this is good, he’s growing. He’s learning how to not be an ass to someone who’s only been kind to him!

But, ah, it’s happened. His poor car got hit today and as I was going to give him some insider car insurance help he was asking for – I got the “sorry try again page” I know very well.

Shame on me! Having faith in people again, like an idiot.

But like, seriously – what’s your deal, dude?

What about me scares you so much that you can’t even say thank you or acknowledge I’ve said anything at all when I genuinely compliment your jacket or ask you about stand by?

Isn’t it exhausting to so actively choose hate?


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