Why So Serious, Philip? | The First Step Is Acceptance!

But, please, DO go on with a set that I’m pretty sure you’re not acting to be ironically and hilariously confused as to how Alcoholics Anonymous and those who are ready for acceptance actually operate.

I’m also particularly excited to hear your new bit about me that other comics have described as “shit talking” and “bitter AF.” One out of town comic I chatted with at Craftsman actually mentioned seeing me at Mr. Tramps the night before and apologized for “that guy.” I played along like I know what guy he was referring to, but it perplexed me until some comic friends randomly started talking about this new edgy material you presumably debuted  Sunday night while I was notably not around to hear a lick of it. So brave!

I mean I personally tend to believe that if you’re going to poke fun at and/or trash another comic during your set, you should at least have the ovaries to say it while they’re in the room like I did with my lil’ poke at your AA rage. But, shit. What do I know?

You’re clearly the comedy expert who obeys all of the comedy rules you so faithfully (/arrogantly) believe in, and while I can’t speak for how you did on Sunday, I can tell you that your (continuous demonstrations of) cowardice is hysterical!


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And remember…

Keep coming back!
It works if you work it!













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