Phil Parker Is Definitely Doing It All Wrong

Hey Y’all! 👋🏻

Stop by Hi Hat Public House tonight to see Phil Parker’s I’m Doing This Wrong comedy “showcase” featuring Pat Sirois, JT Kelley, Josh Castro, and Devon Walker!

When the show is over, or really any time he’s not on stage, fell free to ask ol’ Philip how his Kate Loice material has been working out for him!

It appears that he did quite a bit at The Gatsby (you know, the local bar off 6th that banned me for being “fucking weird” after Chad Fisher yelled at me and claimed he’d have been banned because he doesn’t like me) last week riffing on how I should do less comedy, and more focusing on getting my children back, and boy am I curious how he worked in punch lines to THAT!

Or how a 27 year old white guy who isn’t ANYWHERE near being able to keep or love or dedicate himself enough to a partner to have and raise a child himself and who hasn’t spoken to me about the current situation with my kids in months (I believe the last time was when I informed him Justin raped me again in January, and he basically replied with “why’d you let him do that again 💩) feels his opinion on how I spend the nights after long days of fighting for my children is funny or relevant at all for an comedy open mic or comedy showcase set.

OR if he realizes how incredibly cowardly it is of him to do sets about me – or any comic – when they A) aren’t in the room (Mister Tramps 3/25) and especially when B) they aren’t even allowed in the venue and half of your audience are those directly behind banning the woman you’re “roasting” just ’cause they don’t like her.

Philip REALLY hates being called or seen as a coward, so I think it may really help him out if someone lovingly gives him a ‘lil “hey, you’re being a little bitch” nudge so he can at least have a chance to toughen up and face his realities, including the woman he used to care about and fuck until his beloved Austin Comedy decided Kate Loice = STILL BAD – and Phil would and NEVER do anything to piss off the Austin Comedy “Powers That Be.” Well, unless of course, she agreed to date him. Then he’d defend her and dare to be seen talking to her. Otherwise? Bye Felicia!

Have fun! Order some food and drank and enjoy the great comics Phil managed to book tonight and tip the venue!

COMEDY everybody!!!


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