IRONY! / ‘Sup, Cowards? :) | The Comics Behind The Gatsby Comedy! : BTW Y’all Still Butt Hurt? Still Holding Onto Barred? Stuck On Band-Aid Brand Cause Of That Dang Thin Skin You’re Suffering From?

Chad Fisher ripping Nikita(CHAD FISHER ripping on Nikita R JAN 2018)

Does anyone else find it hilariously ironic and hypocritical for a show like the Gatsby – you know, the “no holds barred” comedy show featuring “fearless comics” and totes NOT for the “easily offended” comedy fan/innocent patron – and the guys + Arielle banned me because Chad Fisher was offended by a harmless comment on Facebook?

Oof, plus the fact that I had the nerve to announce that I was audio recording so I could get Chad threatening my civil rights by first) threatening to kick me out then and there after he has just spent 5 min berating me and causing a scene/problem and then following that up by informing me that he would let Owner Scott Cook know to ban me from the premises simply based on Chads bruised ego/unwillingness to listen/displeasure with my “always having ‘shit’ to say.”

I dunno, it makes me laugh sometimes.

So, anyway,

Come on, you fearless Comic Leaders Of Gatsby Comedy!

Are you a (stereotypically strong/fearless/confident/too cool for school) “MAN,” or are y’all going to keep on acting like a bunch of fake and petty “edgy comics” with power issues by banning a comic because she hurt Chad’s feelings like four months ago? 😓

Y’all’s skin thickened up yet?

#Boys #AndArielle


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