Austin Comedy/FPIA/American Comedy/America = White Male (+Comics) FTW* Again + Like + duh

Give it up for the best representation of how FPIA winner picks tend to lean!

Haha holy cow that’s just a straight up “Give it up for white male comics! Fuck even trying to throw a bone to a female or slightly off-white human! Take THAT affirmative action!”

I honestly can’t tell if this is genuinely hilarious or just a typical “it’s funny because it’s sad” twist I tend to put on most things in my life, but it’s def lol AF 😂

* Note: *

I really like Glenn, Andrew seems pretty cool, I don’t really socialize with either, but both of them fall into my personal fave/funniest Austin Comedy Comic List (and I’m sure they’re SO relieved), so this isn’t a complaint on all semi-finalists + alt, or really a complaint at all.

Just a…”huh. Look at that! Y’all, they’re just flaunting it now! Do you see that? Man, that’s…well that’s just about right but, daaaamn! PS Glenn and Andrew are cool.”

SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️


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