Oh Boy! Come Out And Watch CHAD FISHER Tread Lightly On Stage w/ His Jokes Soaked In His Hatred For Women TONIGHT at The Night Owl @ 9PM! + PARTY WEEKEND at Mister Tramps tonight @ 10:30PM (pssst someone got banned last week and it WASN’T Kate Loice :O!)



Oh my goodness you guys what a coincidence! The same day I find out some info on yer boy Chad Fisher AND make a video message for him warning him to tread lightly and mocking him for never leaving the Gatsby…the joke is on me! Looky here! He’s on the list of a showcase happening instead of the mic I WAS going to go to at Night Owl tonight so I can either deliver my message in person (in a non-problematic or scene starting way if possible) and/or at the very least make him real uncomfy as he spews his woman hating soaked “jokes.”

Hooray! Thanks aligned planets!

Also y’all come on out to Mister Tramps for Party Weekend mic at 10:30PM! Someone got banned last week and IT WASN’T ME (?!) plus I’m gonna talk about men with watches. PLUS Tramps mics/Party Weekend is usually so fucking weird or bad that it’s genuinely GOOD, and you’ll likely have a good time whether you care about me or not! Yay comedy! And yaMister Tramps Sports Pub & Cafefe and Brit and the rest of the staff that puts up with us twice a week! ❤️ 🎤

Posted by Kate Loice on Wednesday, April 25, 2018


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