Dear Phil Parker

1 day ago
Kate Loice <>
to philparker**
I don’t remember exactly when this was, but I’m pretty confident that it was Januaryish? Possibly February. Anyway – we were at Tramps after the mic, and someone asked you why we weren’t friends anymore (or something along those lines), and you responded with “Oh…she’s knows why.” 
I don’t remember exactly how I responded, I acted like I knew and then the convo ended because Mikey said something, but I remember that I am just as clueless now as I was then as to why we’re not even friendly with each other, much less why you act as if I don’t even exist. Or how you’re even able to dehumanize me like that so quickly and seemingly easily. 
I don’t know why we don’t hang out. Yeah, we have some complicated and conflicting beliefs in both comedy and real world (including Justin stuff), and yeah, we were getting to a point were communication was becoming very difficult. But I don’t know what happened that brought it from that to where it is now and has been for several months. I don’t know why or how you just stood there and watched while a woman I still don’t even know screamed about my children – how you even seemed to be supporting it. I don’t know why there seems to be this extreme level of hatred towards me or what exactly brought it to this level. What completely erases that I was a human being and friend and pretty close with you there for a second? What erases everything before the kids were taken? 
I’m also confused about that brief period around the strip club time where you seemed to be warming up to at least talking about the weather but after the wild palazio adventure, you were gone again and back to whatever this bullshit is. 
I don’t expect a reply, I’m not even sure if this will get to you. I just want to know what happened that took you from where we were at the end of November to just standing by and watching as I get attacked or talking shit about my Motherhood onstage. 
I want to know why I was thrown away I guess. 
I’d prefer to talk in person if/when you ever want to try and help me understand your hatred for me and what it is I’m sure I did to cause it, but whatever makes you most comfy and/or is most convenient for you works for me.


Hope you’re well,

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