Public Altercations and Accusation Investigation w/ A “Generic Swimmer”


There’s a certain male comic whose bad behavior I have covered on AUSTINCOMEDY.ORG that seems to have other people complaining about his nastiness towards others (/fellow comics he doesn’t know). Now I’m getting contacted to help the person “investigating” the accusations because of the publicity I brought to his toxic behavior, and damn it feels good to be a gangsta’.

Be kind to one another, Comics – or don’t! But eventually the toxicity you exude can and will bite you in the ass.

Even if you still get the gig, there’s a big black cloud above you now, lil’ Swimmer, and I’m so honored to be a part of what has given you this dark side of a reputation in the industry.

Oh and congrats on making it to the FPIA Semifinals, dah-ling! 😘


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