White Male Fragility Strikes Again! : Mitch Meklulsia’s Party Weekend | PS. Kate Loice isn’t invited

Funny, just a few months ago Mitch and I were super good buddies and hung out a lot. I think we both have some PTSD bullshit that kept us both up late and worried about being alone, but we kept each other company on FB or while entertaining a random mother/daughter duo from Oklahoma that we met at Spiderhouse.

I guess I didn’t get the memo that he now considers me toxic and is telling my few friends in the comic world to stay away from me, but I suppose that goes along with banning me from a venue he knows I love for no real reason other than his hurt booty.

I’m so glad I was a good friend to him even after he started to ignore me once Lea’h Antonice Sampson and her friend verbally assaulted me twice in two weeks and when Mikey Swenson tore me apart during his set the week in between them (which is apparently behavior Mister Tramps Sports Pub & Cafe and Mitch are A-OK with, and no one ever stopped until Colton finally got Lea’h to calm down AFTER she attacked me in the bathroom and AFTER all the male comics watched her scream at me for well over 5 min).

Yeah, all this is super duper fair and as much as I want to act like I don’t care, this is also super duper making me sad.

It’s one thing when idiots like Dowdy or Fisher ban me, it’s another when it’s an old friend that helped me out a lot a few months ago, and a venue I’ve been going to since 2012 that I’ve literally called my second home.

Anyway, I’m sure all the comics are having a great time toasting Mitch and laughing at the pain he’s caused me, but alls I know is that Hannah Packheiser and Erik Packheiser would have never let this happened!!! ❤️😘



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