6.6.18| Horn Colt Comedy (HCC) : Comedy Sellers Underground Grand Finale

hear.kate.roar | | Last comic of last @sellers_underground comedy showcase! Wish I could have seen more but they saved one of my faves for last @lilmisspopovich , got to finally see my girl @laclaudisima, and I’m so glad I got to catch Glenn one last time at a Horn Colt Comedy show, and see the boys close out one of the best f-ing local comedy showcases I’ve seen in years. Here’s to new beginnings, new venues, new partners, and lots more laughs. Great job, @hccomedy @coltondowling @ahorneman ! Love you guys (and @thechiphouse !) and can’t wait to see the next project 🔥❤️😘 #austincomedy #standupcomedy #localcomedy #standup #comedy #comedyshow #austin #livecomedy #localcomedy #downtownaustin #haha #funnyfriends @ Sellers Underground


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