Dear Austin Female Comics: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things. Get It Together.



Sometimes I think Comedians NEED TO LISTEN



Comic: I wanna talk to [another seemingly cool female comic]  sometime. I’ve never had a convo with her but she seems cool.

Kate Loice: OMG! I thought about the same thing, or that maybe I should say hey.

Comic: I’ve also never one on one-d with her but moreso because im not sure if she’s cool with me – but she seems nice.

Kate Loice: I mean I’ve complimented her backpacks before…thats a safe way to show a comic I’m being friendly that they PROBABLY won’t ignore me on – a good feeler that usually doesn’t leave me humiliated

Kate Loice: cause if it stops after the thank you, thats better than a rejected “hey! im kate” “hey…..i….gotta pee…” or they’re like taylor and just walk away…

Comic:  I feel like she keeps to herself [opinion on other comic’s comedy]

Kate Loice: yeah I’m not a fan of the jokes yet – too dead pan for my taste and not quite there yet, she doesn’t seem to know her voice yet but I see her exploring different things, so I’m glad she’s exploring unlike the white guys that are still telling the same fucking joke that never really works 6 months later- btw i think she has me blocked

Comic:What??? Really??! Wow

Kate Loice: HOLD ON! im not totally sure, but i remember there was something that didnt make me not like her but made me stop trying BUT i also maybe didnt search the right thing.

hmmm….yeahh. Unfortunately looks like my first guess

Comic: Damm that’s kray. Her comedy sucks anyway

Kate Loice: See posts where the full name is tagged and its her in the pic but it’s not a link

Comic: Yeah blocked

Kate Loice: yep, haha oh yeah i know the signs 🙂

Comic: I wonder who told her to block you

Kate Loice: Isn’t that sad? I’ve said one or two things to her and both were compliments. She’s never been directly involved with any of the people or situations I’ve blasted

Kate Loice #girlpower 🙂

Kate Loice: THAT is why we [female comics/women] can’t have nice things

Comic: Yeah….. I mean I get it. Like some people may read your blog and be like ok I don’t want to be involved in that….or may be like that’s too much negativity but to go as far as blocking someone you haven’t met that’s fucked up

Kate Loice: Blocking is different. 

Comic: Yeah, If you can’t give people the benefit of the doubt you’re a shitty person

Kate Loice: and thats what i mean, we’re allowing a culture that can blacklist anyone for anything and IT’S USUALLY DECIDED WHEN A WHITE GUY WANTS TO DO IT

Kate Loice: Then everyone follows like sheep and most don’t ask Q’s

Female Comics of Austin:

I will always be your sister, and I will always be here and ready to talk, to write, to support, to EMPOWER, to fight (against the misogyny and boys club our industry and local community suffers from). I will not judge you.
You just let me know when you’re ready to humanize, acknowledge, support, and empower me as well.
We women are the only things standing in the way of our success –  our eventual equality. Why be part of the problem when you can be a part of the Revolution?

Get it together, please.

The rest of us will be waiting and ready to welcome and support you. 
…ya fucking catty AF BITCHES.

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