AUSTIN COMEDY SISTERS | to ANY comic, ANY gender, from ANY scene Who Identifies with #Victim #MeToo #DomesticViolence #AbuseOfPower #SexualHarassment #GenderBias…| ANY COMIC who needs #Safety

Hey y’all – Women, Men, Trans, What Have You…

I don’t care how you feel about me, how you’ve treated me in the past, or even if you still vehemently hate me while you find yourself needing an advocate or someone safe to talk to. I can be a safety net and I have enormous amounts of resources to a wide array of therapy/psychological/trauma/SafePlace/DV Service options for all incomes (even if $0), as well as a crap load of experience and morbid expertise on, well, let’s just say “#MeToo Shit” to keep it light and tight.

I pray no one ever goes through what I did, and for realz I super pray for any (Male) Comic who is stupid enough to do or try anything so ridiculously shitty as Justin did to me or even something as “trivial” as female Comic being told she won’t be booked on male comics show because she’s not DTF or because she “led him on” because seriously guys I will metaphorically destroy you and make your balls hide in your throat for weeks (gently, gently…) if I hear that shit is going down and I get permission from victim to ✂️✂️✂️

Please, just reach out and holla if you need a safe person and/or resources, a ride (and/or friend to stay through long process) to SANE exam, walk through SafePlace intakes, advocate through any civil or criminal charges/proceedings (lots of resources and important info on how to navigate each), need someone to pick you up from mic/show/anywhere you don’t feel safe at, need “aggressive” SMILF to sit with you if you don’t feel safe at a show or need someone to cut some balls off…you get it…

You’ve got a safe, loving, judgment free friend here if ya ever need me, and hopefully I’m able to provide helpful resources/advice/safety (surrounding this soooo not so fun but soooo holy fuck way too common and normalized in Austin and far too many other comedy/entertainment scenes), but I’ll always be happy and ready to help anyone through any of this kinda bullshit no one should ever have to encounter or deal with in comedy or personal worlds.

Note: I know some like to pretend that my blog is used as a weapon to “hurt” the comics I highlight, but it truly is only a way to, as lovingly as possible, expose their creep/misogyny/abuse of “power”/bad/toxic/shitty behavior/inability to speak to Kate Loice/BS/etc… and hold them accountable until hopefully they gain the courage and humanity to just be kind to me, have convo (again, or first time ever for some), so I can finally take down the hateful BS and get some more positive AUSTINCOMEDY updates and news that’s in there.

ANYWAY, y’all, I have had many comics and friends open up to me about their #MeToo-like (or bullying) experiences/fears/issues that needed to be taken care of (✂️ 🍆 ) since I started in 2012, and I’ve kept every single bit of every single convo and interaction confidential and will continue to do so (unless you are harm to self or others….SORRY), no matter who you are. That shit is YOURS and that shit is SACRED unless you ever ask me to help share your story.

Message me for my cell if you think you may ever need late night emergency safety plan or feel more comfy texting/calling over FB BS. — supporting AUSTINCOMEDY’s It’s OK To Say #MeToo | ✌🏼 at Austin Comedy.


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