KATELOICE | You’re a big boy – You can get a MUCH much bigger voice out of that tiny throat of yours… | #ChicksBeforeDicks

I didn’t score hot animal sex, but tonight was probably one of the best nights I’ve had since the kids were taken, and for sure the best I’ve had as an Austin Comic.

I mean, I can sexually take advantage of a white male comic probably, literally, any night – but the joy I got from every show I was able to catch + the convos I got to have with comics/friends + how little fucks I gave tonight is so rare and has been so discouraged by the very comics I enjoy taking the time to watch and listen to (open mics, “shitty showcases,” Velv, FPIA, personal convo @ a mic, and even trying to listen to new p-cast episodes Gross Lonely Boys put out every week + past episodes w/comics I like b/c I like the hosts and it’s the best way I’ve figured out how to learn more about the comics that hate me but I support anyway 🙋🏻‍♀️) – to support – but who have and continue to try and throw me away so often and in such vicious/petty/childish ways…I started letting them making me think nights like these (in Austin Comedy World) were impossible.

Anyway, I’ll take the laughs and convos I had tonight over the almost certainly mediocre “it’s hotter when you don’t talk” Male Comic/Rando Tinder/Bumble sex alllllmost any/every night – except seriously, a bitch has needs, and bitches get shit done, even if it means momentarily sacrificing some/most/all of their joy 💁🏻‍♀️💯

Also I think comics love my BFF way more than they like having to even be reminded that I exist. She is so wonderfully weird, kind, and so my person that she saw everything and everyone I love about (Austin) Comedy (/ an embarrassingly toxic scene filled with a bunch of people just as damaged and deserving of kindess and opportunity as I am l, but for some reason choose me to dehumanize and shit on me- if they aren’t too busy going out of their way to literally treat me as if I’m not there at all), and fit right in – but like in the totally awesome, best way possible, Christina and Meredith #FriendshipGoals, way ❤️👯‍♀️

PS #ChicksBeforeDicks 24/7/365




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