KATELOICE | 2 Toxic White Guy Comics Down…

I mean this in the nicest way possible…

But man did I feel so much lighter being out last night and knowing Phil Parker was totally out of my city and there’d be no running into him and being treated as if I’m invisible. No one there to remind me that HE lost a friend when he found out Justin had been beating and raping me the entire three years “Uncle Phil” hung out with him at Kick Butt or mics. And there’d be no one there to just encourage while I either get assaulted by Lea’h Sampson or while everyone around him is in on the sexist and discriminatory AF pussy ban Mitch Meklusia for some reason feels he needs to punish Kate Loice with. Why? Not sure. But, he’s like, SOOOOOO powerful, right guys? Lol. When does Mitch move away again?

I mean, we never got as close as Phil and I did, but we were friends for a couple months just for Mitch to one day start looking through me instead of at me (like most of the comics) and then he started harassing me with bullshit and unlawful bans because…wait, WHY again? He still won’t answer that, and Tramps’ only reasoning was “Mitch doesn’t want you here.”


Isn’t it about time to go cross county to visit your dad or something?

Or, I dunno, stop banning people from your mic for no reason. Lea’h and friend interrupt the show to scream at me for an hour, Mikey Swenson interrupts show to trash me and threaten me and then spends rest of evening making sexual threats people hear but no one says anything, Lea’h screams and interrupts the show AGAIN…but none of them were ever banned or even warned.

What did I do again, Mitchy Poo? Is there a new AMA out since that’s apparently how you address things? Lemme know, I wanna make sure my AMA goes live right after yours 😉

Or, I dunno, maybe you’ll decide to talk to me like you did when we consistently shut down Tramps, spiderhouse, and mugshots being idiots and scaring visiting mother/daughter duos from Oklahoma…or maybe we get to keep playing this game where you’re too cool to let your buddies think you’re friends with me – let alone that I’m a human who deserves to not be discriminated against or unlawfully removed from a bar just because you wanted to abuse your position as an open mic host.

You really didn’t seem like one of THOSE white guy comics. I always defended you and said you were a good guy. And I just can’t wait until you’re able to tell me what it is I did that deserves this behavior and treatment from you.

But, I mean, now two toxic males that plagued this scene are out thanks to me. I didn’t intend for either to leave, but, super interesting beginning of a pattern here, huh? 🤔


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