Tramps DRAMZ | Be Sure To Ask Your Bartender…

Why Kate Loice isn’t welcome.

Or, I dunno, maybe the new Sunday night host might do the right thing and have a talk with management? 🎧

What happens when one host says someone isn’t okay, but the other host says she’s cool?

It’s so crazy to me how so many people saw what happened on Wednesday and no one says a word. This whole thing started because Corbin was banned from the stage and because I calmly challenged and called out Mitch on it. I see something wrong and I speak up, but all of you boys just grab on to your balls and watch while using the bullshit excuse “just focus on the Jokes.”

And female comics? Extra shame on you. You’ve got a male comic kicking out a female comic for no reason. There are so few of us already – why do you support this? Why don’t you speak up? If they can do it to me they can do it to you.


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