Tramps DRAMZ PT 4| MITCH MEKULSIA |#MaleComicFragility #FemaleComicDiscrimination + Attempts at #Emotional/#NarcissisticAbuse


Two days later I’m being told I’m banned from Tramps, again, because Mitch doesn’t want me there. Brit repeats this several times in the video I’ll be posting later of what went down last week.

Mitch tells some comics that ask him why he’s “censoring Kate Loice” or why he’s banned me that “it’s a long story,” but it really isn’t. It’s just a story that makes him look really bad, really petty, and like a real shitty friend.

I held onto this convo and past convos for so long, and I only lightly roasted him the first time he tried to ban me. I tried to show forgiveness and grace, and I was willing to meet his emotionally abusive terms. But he ignored me and once again sat and watched me be harassed at his mic – all thanks to him.

This convo was scary because of how much it reflected a convo I’d have with Justin. I used a tone and communication strategies I haven’t used in months since the last time Justin and I spoke or text. The refusal to answer any questions while threatening to abandon, the list of demands while you get nothing in return, the abuse of power…all Justin. All very narcissistic and emotional abuse tactics. All makes sense with Mitch’s history and pain, and I was willing to work with it and with him, but he’s decided to be abusive, toxic, and cruel. Again.

So, I give up. No more protecting Mitch. Shame on me for waiting so long and for believing in him. When will I ever learn to 1) never trust anyone in this community 2) especially a (scared) white boy?


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