Fun Blast From The Austin Comedy/ Kate Loice (AKA KAT B?!) Past | DOUBLE DAVE’S WILD AND WOOLLY COMEDY OPEN MIC

Dang, my first Velv Speed Mic experience – BEFORE it took 12+ weeks to get booked by a booker who doesn’t like me/blocks me on FB even though we used to be friends (cough Pat Dean).

Everyone liked to assume that Ethan and I were fucking, but he was always just a really good friend who got me out of more than a couple sticky and dangerous situations. Him and Mike were some of the best dudes I met when I first started, and they’re still some of the best comic dudes I know. I’m really glad I had the both of them around for my first 6-12 months in the scene. Pat Dean was one of those “good dudes,” too (years off from running Velv – Dana was still in charge) but he likes to pretend we ain’t friendz now 😦

Awww, my first open mic/show with Tyler Harris in my old North Austin hood. This mic was lit for the few months it lasted before it got SO wild and woolly (literally had stacked list + packed room + packed patio every Wednesday), before Dirk Gage ruined everything, and DD’s had to cancel us 🙂

This is also before Tyler Harris started being a total ass to me – you know, the usual BS cycle I go through with most (white) (male) comics .





Around the time Gage started ruining things but attendance was through the roof. Plus old high school buds started trying out the mic and Luis Flandez was still Tony Vegas!


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