Blast From Austin Comedy Past|JULY 2014 | Austin Comedy VIII : Male Ego

[2018 Note: This was part of the beginning wave of my “Austin Comedy” blogs that began in the Summer of 2014 – two years after I started stand up in Austin, and one month before Justin Biske raped me. At the end of August of 2014 I’d end up staying up for three days blasting out a second wave of Austin Comedy blogs targeting the shitheads I’d been dealing with for the past two years, and found out this social media blog binge was likely due to my raging pregnancy hormones because SURPRISE dickhead got me pregnant. I never hesitated when I decided that I would be keeping it.
That Fall I would “break up” with Jami Shofner, a parody/satire blog of my actual blog would be made and Austin Comics would write posts mocking my posts depicting my rape by an Austin Comic who was still hosting a popular Wednesday Open Mic, Justin Biske continued to sexually/physically/psychologically abuse me into the Spring while Austin Comics knew what he did to me yet only spoke up enough to make fun of me for it. By the Spring of 2015 I had mostly faded completely out of the scene, turned the blog into a “Welcome Baby Blog,” but luckily I got to make it to a handful of FPIA 2015 prelims (my football/super bowl/world cup) right before I gave birth to my baby boy on April 23rd. 
I didn’t blog about my babies, the abuse, or Austin Comedy again until November 2017 when CPS kidnapped my kids, I was covered in bruises, and went back to the only other thing I knew how to do before I had totally dived into the Mom-life I loved so much but that was stolen from me and the thing I think we all go to right before we walk into traffic – Standup Comedy. If this were a video I would now throw glitter into the air and exclaim “Blast From The Past!” to end this weird blog into…]


JULY 2014

I think I could write like 20 blogs on this, but I’ll start with this one:

To the well known, well liked, well established, egotistical Male Comic who was extremely rude and condescending to me this morning while I tried to have a discussion with him about his rude and condescending attitude towards me:

[2018 NOTE: I think I’m talking about Mario DiGiorgio – owner/bartender/booker of Velveeta Room after Dana left in in 2013 or ’14, before Pat Dean took over this last JAN]

Maybe some Wise Words from Whoopie will help you understand the issue I was having with you this morning and the issue I’ve continued to have with you since we first met at FPIA 2013.

I actually think I’d really get along well with this fellow if he would ever stop, look and listen instead of making up an incomplete and inaccurate image of me (or others) in his own head with the bits of info he gets online. Just because it’s his right to make assumptions does not make him right. I just can’t seem to get that through to him!


From E! News Online: News/

Whoopi Goldberg Addresses Drama Surrounding The View Changes:

“We Are Grown Ass Women”

Whoopi Goldberg refused to stay silent about all of the drama surrounding the casting changes at The View this morning.

The talk show host addressed the growing speculation of why Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd are really leaving the show.

“Before we get started, I just have something on my mind. You know there is a lot of speculation about a lot of stuff going on here. Yes, I’m here. We don’t know who’s coming in, but I will tell you this: The respect that I have for the people who work here will not change,” she told the audience.

“I will do my best to respect the audience, to make sure that we bring you The View that Barbara Walters wanted you to have, which is women talking about issues.”

“We are not little kids, we are grown ass women.”

 And so, I’m just tired of people saying, ‘oh, you know if this one comes in, or if this one comes in,’

“I don’t argue with people, we have spirited discussions.”

She continued,

“I don’t fight with people, that’s not my way.” 

“Quit trying to make me into something I’m not.”

“I’m not a little girl with cat claws.

I am not a cat,

I am a human being.

I am a girl with a fist.”


Luckily, unlike many of the other Male Comics like him, he’s offered to hang out in person in an attempt get to know each other as people rather than identities on Facebook or in the AC, and I give him a lot of credit for that. Most of those like him, especially in comedy, refuse to speak to me at all while they cling onto their negative and insulting theories.

Moral of the story:






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