Total Buzzkill

I knew Tyler Groce would be the new host as soon as I heard he was leaving Tramps and after his performance at FPIA. He fits the part perfectly — too stuck up to care about anyone but himself and his close circle of friends that have helped him “move up,” improv-er and much better at that than the stand up this show hosts, and likely going to find something better and move on within a year.

Martin was a little bit of a surprise but again, she fits the role pretty well. I would think and hope that she’s more kind and personable than Allison is (O’Conor has never been pleasant or kind to me, she’s the kind of female comic that blocked me on FB before I even met her or knew who she was, and there are a shitload of stories from comics about how badly she’s treated them). I find her a little funnier than Allison stand up wise (again, Allison seems more of an improv gal than a stand up, and it shows pretty clearly in her performances), but she ignores me and harassment done to me (and/or other female comics) like Allison and Pengra do and did. So, again, perfect Buzzkill host!

Let’s hope these two are better at booking/hosting/being friendly than Walker, O’Conor, and Pengra were. However…I’m not holding my breath, zero expectations. Especially with Groce…

Ya bitch! 😘


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