REPOST + UPDATE — White Male Comic Fragility | Hunter Duncan + Harrison Hammonds | Cherrywood Open Mic : ‘Sup, Boys?

Hey y’all! Just fun semi-blast from the not so past past, thanks to a convo that came up last night with a comedy buddy about my FAVE Male Feminist, Hunter Duncan 


Comedy Pal: Any chance you’ll take down the picture of Hunter anytime soon?
Kate Loice: Lol
Kate Loice:  why would i?
Kate Loice:  he’s been extra crappy to comics

CP: He was pretty hurt about it. He’s concerned that it will cost him possible jobs or something along those lines
CP: Yeah, what’s he doing?
KL: That’s the point
CP:Why though? For what?

KL: It’s meant to hurt him
KL: It’s meant to make him think about connecting how he treats fellow comics and his end game plan
KL: You can be shitty, you can ban, but the word and your name will be out there
KL: That’s the point
KL: And when he is big enough to come talk to me or even message me, we can talk about his issues with me and about me taking it down.
KL: but he’s gotta approach, i’ve been clear with my feelings and my idea of how he’s treated me – he’s the one who creeps around and puts me last on CWood list every single time. 

CP: Haven’t you two never talked in person?
CP: He hasn’t done anything to upset other than redo the list, has he?

KL: ive talked to him a few times to help other people make the list

CP: He said you two never talked

KL: OKay?
KL: I’ve talked to him briefly to tell him someone was coming and if they could be put on the list
KL: I addressed him the other night but he just looked back at his phone like I didn’t exist — as usual

CP: To be honest the punishment doesn’t really the crime here in my opinion.
KL: Cool.

Hey guys!

The self proclaimed “male feminist” Hunter Duncan is on this cool show tonight!


If ya didn’t know, Hunter is the new co-host of the open mic in town that offers the least amount of “stage” time, a “stage” that is deliberately set up behind a wall keeping comics hidden, speakers that keep any comic from being heard by the main room of the coffeehouse, at a venue that you can’t help but wonder “do they really even want us here anymore?”



Hunter has been doing a swell job and likes to embrace his proclaimed male feminism and new co-hosting powers by continuing the fun game of consistently putting a particular female comic he’s never talked to last on the mic’s re-ordered list (shout out to Harrison Hammonds for starting that super profesh’ and powerful game four months ago ❤️).


Harrison is not surprisingly buddies with Austin’s favorite White Male Fragility Comic, Taylor Dowdy 👬


BTW this game is particularly fun(ny) considering the particular female Comic the two white male Comic co-hosts consistently re-order last used to regularly guest host the same mic while the co-host boys were likely still in college, developing the ego and angst it takes to realize stand up comedy tooooootally suits their white male privilege and narcissistic tendencies.

Obviously, Hunter, *Super Male Feminist Man* is setting himself up to be one of the Austin Comedy White Male Comic (fragility/toxicity) legends, like my ol’ buddy Joe Hafkey, who is also on this rootin’ tootin’ comedy showcase tonight!

And let’s of course not forget to shout out to a female Comic, who is also a self-proclaimed feminist, who counter-productively plays her own open mic co-hosting part in encouraging and fueling the patriarchal Austin Comedy scene –

Rachel Hall is ALSO on the line up!



Yee- Haw!

So don’t be stupid, don’t tread on white males in comedy, and go to this free show away from SXSW craziness to see a big part what Austin Comedy is all about, learn how that thing “Patriarchy” works, and fully experience what makes Austin Comedy so cool it has it’s own blog and everything! 🙋🏻‍♀️

Also be sure to swing by Mister Tramps’ Party Weekend Open Mic w/ Mitch Mekulsia afterwards to see another old-school open mic that’s sure to bring even more great examples of truly professional and equality minded white male (and female!) comics to the yard!

Sometimes there are even black female comics who like to verbally and physically harass their white female comic “sisters” while all of the white guys sit and watch “girls being girls,” and if Mikey Swenson and Phil Parker show up you can get a glimpse of the scary side of what the Male Toxicity/Fragility virus can do to troubled and angry young men!


Lea’h Sampson | Austin Comedy | Co-Host of The Coven


Happy Hump Day!


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