Lol did they grow a soul or did they just make another blog to make fun of my current trauma?


BTW here is a taste of what this site used to be. A parody blog comics made to write satire using my real blogs that depicted my rape by local comic and pregnancy by rape by local comic who ignored me for entire 9 months and then abused and raped me for three years 💩

The comments were super fun, too:

Hey BTW does Stefany Wood even DO comedy at all? Or does she just randomly hang out at comedy things like FPIA and Velveeta Room’s holiday party like it’s 2012? Who does she think she is, Kate Loice 🙂

Nah I’m just playin’, since I actually get up and perform at least 2x a week now (5x on a normal, non-court week) she’s just…Stefany Wood post 2012?


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