The real irony is is that I brought 5 people to the mic and all of them bailed as soon as they saw/heard what happened.

And that once James Carrigan very rudely made it clear I wasn’t welcomed/no one wanted to hear me, I didn’t sign up. I wanted to stay but I can take a hint, and I wanted to respect his wishes enough to show I’d give up my stage time in order to keep the peace so I could stay and 1 – support my friends and 2 – see the “non-comics” I worked all day to convince to come out to a 1 comedy open mic that’s 2 – outdoors when it’s 3 – 30000 degrees outside.

There was absolutely no reason to ask the Female Comic that brought the most people to the show to leave because of …. no reason.

The real shame is that comics keep wasting APD’s time with this bullshit. I don’t trust the cops but at the same time I respect the duty they have to this city and they have saved my life on more than one occasion. Trespassing orders based on male comics telling management not to allow a female Comic for no reason is NOT what APD should be concerned or bothered with.

Thank you to the officer who did have to come up and deal with the civilian pettiness. He was very patient and kind and provided info as to how I could combat this order since it was very obvious as to what was really going on – white man bullshit (+ Golden Bishop + DJ Collins 🎧 ).

DISCLAIMER : I Live Record whenever I feel my civil rights are about to be infringed upon (again). Thus, the Live Video I recorded at the start of the second half of this “event,” was NOT an effort to record other comic’s convos, NOT because I was trying to record sets, and NOT because of anything I was doing other than documenting the discrimination I’m once again having to deal with due to a white male in comedy not liking me (/a very toxic group of them that apparently James is now a part of 😕), and believing that that means I deserve to not get stage time.

As usual, this is the behind the scenes of how Austin Comedy is run and/or how broken the “Austin Comedy System” is.

BRB as I file my third lawsuit and file my third BBB complaint 🙄

Discrimination and double standards are fun!



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