Sticks And Stones – Mister Tramps: Brit Smith Harasses and Bullies Female Comic For A Third Time, Miles Away From Her Bar

For those of you who don’t know this history between me and Brit Smith/Mister Tramps Management, here are some ways to catch up:

Intro – Mitch Mekulsia Hates Female Comics

One – Brit Smith Harasses and Unlawfully Bans Me For The First Time

Two – Video of Brit Smith Harassment and Mister Tramps’ Discrimination

Three: The Male Comic/Narcissist and the Emotional Abuse Behind The BS Banning

It’s been a hot minute since I was banned and harassed by Mister Tramps Management and specifically by bartender Brit Smith.

Unfortunately, this past week Brit showed up to my neighborhood bar while I was having a good time with a friend playing foosball. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and recognized who she was, but I had no intention of interacting with her since she’s made it clear that she’s not a friend and not a fan.

This, however, did not stop Brit from approaching me twice and continuing her hateful comments and harassment in a bar that she has 0 authority or duties at.

She attempted to play innocent by explaining that she was nothing but nice to me, and that she only harassed and mistreated me because her boss told her to throw me out. I attempted to explain to her that while I understood she was following orders, she was also proving my point that we each had been nothing but cordial and friendly with each other for months when she suddenly treated me like trash and knowingly kicked me out when she knew I had done nothing to warrant it. She ignored me when I attempted to explain that while I understood where her orders came from, her behavior, lack of support, and overall harassment of a patron that always asked how she was doing and consistently helped with bussing the showroom was the (massive) issue I highlight in my blog.

Brit was apparently not in a place to make amends or to listen to reason. She continued to call me names and put me down – in a bar she has nothing to do with – while my friend and I let her vent and did not further engage in or encourage her hate.

She walked off, but continued to glare at me from the bar for 5-10 min while I had a nice convo with the friend. I did not engage, I did not glare back, and I attempted to continue my good night without letting her rude interruption effecting my night.

That’s when she approached once again to spew more hatred, and to inform my friend (who knew way better than to listen to her, and knew me way better to believe anything she said was at all true) that I was bad news and to wish him “good luck.”

I am so sorry to see that Brit Smith is still mistreating and harassing loyal customers of Mister Tramps OUTSIDE of Tramps, bullying fellow females, and blind to the discrimination and hate she participated in just because a couple men told her to. I hope one day she understands why my blogs and YouTube videos documenting her actions and harassment exist – they aren’t out of hate, but out of warning and defense. I pray she isn’t treating other women and patrons of a bar and mic I once loved.

If I ever bump into her again, I’d love to have a peaceful convo about what happened and about what my perspective of the whole thing is – but while she continues to harass and bully me – the reminders stay up.

And she does NOT look happy about it 🙃


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