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  • If you are looking for open mics, Last Gas Comedy is an awesome resource that keeps a current schedule and descriptions of mics and showcases going on every day/week/month in town! While I write about some shows or mics throughout this blog, I haven’t gotten around to also providing the same helpful info Last Gas Comedy does for out of towners who don’t have time for Austin Comedy Gossip/History Lessons | PS if you’re also into that improv and sketch thang, Last Gas Comedy also posts shows, venues, and opportunities for you brave souls!


  • Funniest Person In Austin (aka FPIA) is an annual stand-up comedy competition for local comics ONLY. It’s kinda all we will be talking about for the next month and a half. Like, we have brackets and polls and everything. So yeah, it’s kinda a big deal. And no, it doesn’t make sense. But, like, it does, ya know?


  • I don’t currently run any mics or shows, but if you want some inside advice on navigating the open mic circuit, what shows are worth checking out, and/or help getting booked on shows while you are in town – feel free to reach out on Facebook and I can help you out! | FB: /kateloice


  • Don’t mess with Texas.



This blog is run by Austin, Texas Comic Kate Loice.

AUSTINCOMEDY.ORG is a site that shines a light behind the curtain of the Austin Comedy “Community,” and attempts to expose the darker, misogynistic, toxic, and simply twisted side of an “art” and it’s “artists” that are supposed to be using their talents and humor for good – making people laugh – while singling out the few comics who are currently encouraging and/or directly using hate and isolation in blatant attempts and intentions to outcast  and silence other comics.

Kate Loice is Texas Proud of having the honor of being born and raised in Ausitn, TX and started in the Austin Comedy scene six years ago (May 2012).

For two years she fluctuated from being a “full time” to “part time” to “back to full time” open micer w/ your occasional showcase, and even ran or co-hosted a few mics and showcases herself,  but unfortunately, in August of 2014, a male comic raped Kate after one of her Sweetwater Comedy showcases.

Nobody in the community cared, some mocked and wrote satire about the entire nightmare (you can find that incredibly flattering satire project anonymous comics from  Austin Comedy spent their time, money, and writing on  here), and the rest thought she was either lying or such a whore that it just had to be someone else’s baby because PUNCH LINE – she got pregnant!

She decided, without question or hesitation, that she would keep and raise the child (despite all of the rude suggestions from comics that she kill herself and/or the baby for the betterment of the entire world – most can be found on the previously mentioned parody site Kate Loice Apologizes), and spent a little under 3 years away from the comedy scene entirely to raise her son Greyson, eventually have a daughter named Lily, and to fully embrace and enjoy Motherhood in ways she never thought she could or would.

Other than making it to as many FPIA prelims, semi-finals, and Finals that she could  (contest season for her is like football season for almost all American men), while juggling a full time job and mother duties, she never saw herself ever going back to the scene, or to comedy at all. Comedians rejoiced!

She was a Mom now, and her performing stand-up comedy in a toxic world just didn’t seem like something her children were going to NEED from her anytime in the next 18 years, and she didn’t feel stand-up comedy was something she needed in any way now that she had children to care for, protect, and unconditionally love.

Then everybody’s lives were destroyed when CPS stole her children from her on October 26, 2017, because the children’s father (you know, the male comic who raped her in 2014 and eventually threatened that he’d “take her children from her” and “make sure she cries every day for the rest of her life” if she left him) couldn’t figure out how to stop consistently beating, raping, and emotionally, psychologically, and financially abusing her, with the occasional but alarmingly violent physical assaults sprinkled in.

Unsure what to do with her nights or how to push away the excruciatingly raw and fresh pain of being separated from her babies and the brutal reality of her home being empty and quiet during a time she would normally be rocking her sweet baby girl to sleep or enjoying the bedtime routine of reading books with her son, kissing him goodnight, and hearing “I wub ooo,” she turned to the last thing she knew how to do before Motherhood, and a thing that just so happens to go on during the time of the day when all of the departments are closed, the lawyer’s phones are off, courts are closed, and anybody who is anybody when it comes to getting her children back are unavailable and care even less about battered mothers and their children than they do M-F between 8AM-5PM.

So, she went back. And she’s still here! And fuck does she have a lot to say!

These are the (true) stories of how the community has welcomed her back, how they are coping with her return, with some fun blast from the past posts and Austin Comedy History Lessons to help fill in the blanks of some of the stories that need more context.


Stand-up comedy is a sickness. Who wouldn’t want a room full of people laughing and screaming at you just because of who you are? Nothing is as good, except maybe having a baby. | HOWIE MANDEL


Note: While the former sounds silly, this blog truly is a tool to show the hate and toxicity  that exists in the patriarchal boys club high school this local comedy community is and has been since I stumbled into the scene six years ago.

I feel things like discrimination, hate, harassment, rape, blatant misogynistic behavior, potentially dangerous people, and other threats to the community itself as well as society as a whole deserve to be showcased, so! I showcase them here!

I try my best to provide unbiased and un-fucked with context, content, and documentation like screen shots or audio recordings in order to keep “Austin Comedy’s Gossip” as factual, and as truthful as possible.

This site is not meant to harm anyone by using lies, judgments, rumors, or hate to bring others down or ruin reputations – just truth that may or may not cause any effect whatsoever. This site is also not meant to randomly or specifially “target” any comic or groups of comics- just the individuals who fuck with me OR who I witness fucking with others in the community.

There’s no reason for Austin Comedy to continue to be the dark and cliquey anything-but-a-community scene it is and has been since I started in 2012. I’m aware I alone will not change a god damn thing, but smiling and complying didn’t work, and I am not a weak ass sheep. I will not “just keep my head down” (like a disheartening amount of my friends/aquaintances do and advise I do as well) while I watch the disgusting things I witness comics doing to other comics, and I will not keep my mouth shut just so I don’t piss off the “powers that be” and potentially “ruin my career.”

I spend my days exposing the dark sides and corruption of enormously powerful federal government agencies like CPS as well as publicly calling out honorable judges, court room officials, powerful attorneys, and the ENTIRE Travis County family court AND criminal court systems in an ongoing war demanding them to get their shit together so they can actually protect battered women and their children. OF COURSE I’m going to want to expose (not “attack”) the scum, discrimination, misogyny, and hate that seeps into every fiber of Austin Comedy that no one ever wants to talk about, but we most definitely need to be talking about.

And if ya don’t like it, well, I really don’t fucking care 🙂

However, if I write something and it hurts you, or you feel it was unfair, please do reach out or talk to me if you see me at a mic and let’s calmly discuss the issue. The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone, and if I do, I want to know about it so I can learn from my mistakes, explain my side and what I was thinking or what my intentions were when I wrote it, and hopefully offer sincere apology for the pain I’ve caused by the time the conversation is over.


If you want to reach out for any other reason or just want to learn/see more about me, Austin Comedy, or CPS/Family Court Corruption, I’m all over the place:

Facebook: /kateloice + /austintxcomedy + /kateloiceexposescps

Instagram: hear.kate.roar

Fight For My Children’s Return/Expose CPS + Family Court Corruption Blog : HEAR | KATE | ROAR 

FetLife: @alphawhore


She was giving a lengthy speech.

She had appeared to violate the rule.

She was warned.

She was given an explanation.

Nevertheless, she persisted.



Eat me, Austin.






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